Bridgid’s Baby Success Story – Skeptic to believer with natural conception after IVF

Hi, My name is Bridget and I’m a ROAR mom. My husband and I had been married for several years and we decided it was time to start a family and we just thought it would be simple and it wasn’t and over the course of three and a half years of trying. We had a lot of disappointing months with nothing happening. We had one miscarriage. We had two ectopic pregnancies. One of my fallopian tubes burst and I required surgery we did four months of clomid, which really messed with my body and my hormones and then we did one round of in vitro fertilization where we had two viable embryos and nothing came of it so again another real blow and another real disappointment. I was nervous. I was very anxious every month. I got more and more felt more and more pressure as to why wasn’t this happening for me and a lot of a lot of built-up tension in my relationship, with my husband and yet, we both wanted kids. So, you know we had the same end goal. But, but we’re missing each other somewhere along the way and we did a second round of in vitro fertilization and had that was basically our last shot.

We were running out of money and they wanted to put in two embryos. We had three they thought the third one wasn’t quite so viable but, I kind of convinced them to to put it in as well and we wound up having one very healthy little girl and I swear it was that third embryo though that we convinced them of and then when I went for my follow-up postpartum appointment at six weeks postpartum and they talked about birth control. I declined because I didn’t think I could get pregnant again and if I did it would have been a blessing and so when my first baby was eight months old. I found out I was pregnant again and when my second baby was eight months old, I found out I was pregnant again and I thought well boy. this is not just a fluke but a miracle at this point and that’s when I started using the Roar method to make sure that that pregnancy was was viable through the end. I come from a family of physicians and nurses. I come from the East Coast where where Western medicine is very much more respected than
alternative methods. So I came into you know the roar method kind of understanding that it might be a little bit more out there or a little bit more woowoo, than I would normally think about but I had a friend who had you know successfully had pregnancies using the Roar method and thought what the heck.

You know I’ll give it a try and after utilizing the roar method that anxiety that stress that tension went away. I felt supported in more than just the Western medicine sense of the word, it kind of as a holistic individual and I was definitely sold after the first two visits. After my third baby, I had one more miscarriage and and then I had my fourth baby and now our family is complete and I was supported through the end there by the roar program and I’m very thankful you