Coq10 & Acupressure For Fertility

I listen to fertility podcasts podcast that recommended taking coq10 and doing acupressure on an area and you have an ankle to help improve air quality. I would love a second opinion on whether these are beneficial things to try and how much to be taking oh! we get asked about blanket recommendations like these all the time and though they come from a well-meaning place and they’re generally safe for most people these are the kinds of things that are actually possibly going to waste time for most couples who are really struggling with fertility and here’s why you’re going to start taking coq10 every day most of you aren’t really gonna feel the difference in your day to day life. You’re not going to know if it’s working or not. So, you’ll take it until you get your next period then, the next month you’ll decide. It’s worth a try it’s a cheap cheap thing to do it’s probably good for me. So, I’ll try it for another month until you get in it yet another period. Now, you’ve spent two more months not getting to the root of the problem trying to use a band-aid to hold on your broken arm and it’s even worse when it comes to acupressure. We often see this kind of suggestion offered when somebody doesn’t know what else to do for you and feels like they just need to give you something to try they want to give you something to make you feel hope, but acupressure isn’t really going to make the big difference.

If you’re really struggling with your fertility and you want to stop wasting time. You have to be ready to change the whole approach to your health to your entire lifestyle adding one or two supplements pushing on a couple of acupressure points. This is not going to do the job for you. You have to be committed to your dream and you have to accept that you’re going to need to make some major changes and you might have to get some personalized help to actually figure out what the root of the problem is like a podcast recommendations note those aren’t really gonna cut it they’re not going to get deep enough when we’re talking about conceiving your healthy baby.

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