Courtney & Ty’s Baby Success Story – Unexplained infertility & natural conception

For us, not getting pregnant fell into the unexplained infertility category. Hi, I’m Courtney. I’m a roar mom Hi I’m Ty and I’m a ROAR dad. So, our story is that it took a long time to get pregnant at first and we did all the normal testing in the beginning and didn’t really have a whole lot of answers. But, we had tried for at least two years to get pregnant. I thought it would be easy and it wasn’t and a friend of ours had gone to war. He had recommended that we do it too and so we did because, I wasn’t ready to try the normal Western medicine of IVF and all of that right before coming to ROAR. It it was hard. It was lonely and we wanted I wanted to be pregnant. I wanted to have a family and it was exhausting. My Roar experience is, I started in the fall and did the herbs and nutrition coaching and some lifestyle coaching and we found out in April that we were pregnant with our first child.

My experience with ROAR was hopeful and it it felt like, I was finally able to do something that was for myself and for our future, for our family and that I could have hope to be a mom. I’m so glad that we went to war. Now, We have two beautiful healthy boys and they are such a blessing in our lives and it’s amazing to have them. I’m really glad that we went to roar and we have two beautiful boys because of it and I would recommend it to other couples you.