First Trimester Care/Visualization

So, today I want to take things a little bit out of the head. We’ve been talking a lot about more physiology and a little bit more sciency, stuff behind fertility and today I want to bring it down to the heart a little bit as we talked about first trimester care. So, in order to do that I have planned for us to do a couple of visualizations first. So, let’s get started with the first one, so for the first one I’m going to start just take a couple of breaths and then go ahead and close your eyes. Okay, I want you to imagine that you’re pregnant. You’ve just found out you’re pregnant, but you’ve been doing the work beforehand before this pregnancy. You’ve been eating all of the right foods that were identified for you, for your type that have been helping to optimize your fertility. You’ve been taking herbal formulas that have been helping to balance out the temperature and other constitutional factors in your body and you’ve been learning some stress management techniques, you’ve been doing the appropriate types of exercise.

Okay, so you know that you are absolutely confident that your body is able to nourish this baby. Your body is able to hold this pregnancy and you’re gonna have the birth that you’ve first experience that you’ve always desired. You’re gonna share this news with your partner and you are just both going to be ecstatic. How does that feel? How does that feel in the heart? Usually, it feels really full right how does that feel in the Eurus. You know that that lining is full. You’ve got the visual confirmation through we really call the menstrual cycles with fresh red blood and no clots, no PMS signs, no no cramps and a bloating everything’s been working for you in your favor for your fertility. Your ovulation spend spot-on you know that everything is in place. Everything feels full and solid and warm. you’re really feeling the the benefits of the hormones that helped with with confidence and you know that your body’s strong enough to do this. So, just settle into that feeling a little bit so that warmth and that fullness. Then, we’re going to bring it back to the present. So, take a couple more, couple more breaths and open up your eyes and then we’re going to do one more visualization. If you are pregnant or thinking you might be pregnant, I don’t want you to do this

But, for everybody else we’re going to take a few seconds. Take another couple of breaths. Close your eyes and now you’re going to imagine that you found out this morning that you’re pregnant, but you haven’t changed anything yet. Everything is exactly how it is now. Are you confident that you’ve been eating the right foods? Are you confident that you’re taking the right supplements using the right herbs? Do you have that same feeling of confidence in your body, has your menstrual cycle giving you proof that your uterus is ready to hold on to a baby. How are things feeling this time? How is your heart feeling now? Maybe a little bit more constricted, maybe there’s a bit of a knot in your stomach. You don’t have the same confidence that you had in the first scenario. So, let’s go ahead and bring them back to the present. Take a couple of deep breaths. Let that anxiety process through a little bit. So, generally when people are in that second visualization stage, but when it’s real they’re going to be jumping onto Google or Bing and frantically searching for help I’m pregnant.

How do I prevent another miscarriage? That’s the cost of not doing the work beforehand. So, this is where you need to consider what kind of help you need. You need to be doing what we call pregnancy training. So, you wouldn’t sign up for a marathon next, next in a week and feel like, if you haven’t been training for a marathon. There your ability to finish that marathon would be a reasonable expectation, If you are not already preparing for that. Everybody’s gonna call you crazy for signing up to compete in the marathon in a week, 26 plus miles without any training. Nobody will have confidence that you can do it and probably, you won’t have confidence that you can do it and you’ll have a hard time finding a coach that’s going to take you on to help you get there. But, if you’ve been doing the work for months, you’re gonna feel prepared for that marathon. You’ll feel confident. You’ve done a lot of training. You’ve had somebody and maybe a few, if you brought a coach or you have a team that’s helping you train they’re going to be able to look ahead and see what the end goal is for you and help you take the right steps to be able to finish that marathon and feel really good about it. Because here’s what we hear from our perspective patients. When we interview a woman or a couple that’s coming in asking for our help.

One of the first things we hear them say is I just want to get pregnant and we understand that you’ve been struggling for a while by the time people have consulted with us and you really do just want to get pregnant, but that’s where a coach type coaching type help comes in because we’re gonna look beyond that we’re gonna look at the end goal for you because it’s not about just getting pregnant because how did that second scenario feel. You’re pregnant. You haven’t done the work and now you’re trying to figure out what to do to make off that ground and that doesn’t feel very good. You want to be that first visualization where you feel confident. So, when we first started out working with fertility patients, a little over a decade ago. We did support a lot of women who were undergoing IVF. They were either just starting their six four to six week IVF cycle or they had maybe already started and they were coming up to their transfer date maybe, they’re in retreat building at the earliest and you know we would support them with the Chinese medicine that we had to offer often acupuncture and some of them would get pregnant, but wouldn’t we weren’t seeing the end results that we really wanted to see. We weren’t seeing these mothers go on to have healthy babies.

They often so experienced preterm labor, they would experience low birth weight babies babies, that didn’t have quite the health that we would want to expect and want to see for somebody who’s worked so hard to have this baby. So, we stepped back a little bit and thought how can we better serve these women what we’re doing is not the right approach. You know we’re helping them to get pregnant, but we want to help them have a healthy baby, it’s not about just getting pregnant. So, we took a step back and we looked through the thousands and thousands of years worth of material in our Chinese medicine which has worked with gynecology from the start, it’s a big part of the medicine. We took us to step back and study that and found some mentors to help us and figured out that we needed to offer a bigger program. We needed to ask these future mothers to take some time to say yes, to their own body first before they said I just want to get pregnant. Once we changed that approach everything started to change we got that confirmation with our periods which is not a big win for what we do, if we can get those cycles regulated we can get that cleaned up, tightened up, we know an ovulation is coming.

We can have that menstrual blood look look fresh and red then we know that we’ve prepared it at home and we prepared a strong body that can take on a nine month pregnancy. So, along with that we noticed that these women were becoming much more confident in their ability to carry that baby full-term and that really kind of changed everything for us. We were no longer hearing I just want to be pregnant or once people were getting pregnant from you know maybe, an IVF that we just offered very minimal support for you know they were still researching online and driving themselves crazy because they didn’t have the direction they didn’t know what to do. You know they were stuck in that in that scenario of that second visualization where, they got pregnant and now they were again stuck with all kinds of questions, where the mothers that we work with on the full program they already have that direction. Everything is already put in place. So, they get pregnant and they know what to do it just comes to them. There is no questions, there’s no second-guessing.

They don’t have to go to the internet and start searching everything. They already know that gives them the confidence. So, the big takeaway here if you’ve been struggling is you know you really want to do the work. You have to stop so over thinking and over researching stop asking all of the what-if questions. You know stop thinking it may be this month maybe, it’ll just be this month and I just want to get pregnant. You have to really take the steps you have to get out of your own way. If we tend to over over plan and overanalyze, but we have to stop doing that and we have to get on our own correct course that is unique to each of us. So, you know we’ve done a lot of work in our program to try and help people get to that point and that’s where we see the big transformations. If you got something that you feel like, you can use use some help with. If you feel like you’re on a place where you’re really ready to say yes! to your own body to say yes, to supporting your healthy baby. So you get that first visualization feeling for real, you can contact us. We do ask for some commitment that you are willing to take the time, to really get your body prepared for pregnancy. If that is something that you are fully committed to doing then we would like to welcome you to our website.

You’ve mentioned this in the previous episodes, but since this is the last one, I will bring it here again, it is thats and you can book a free consultation with us and in that consultation, we will get to hear your story. We will be able to find out if your story is something that we can help with and if that’s so and everything looks like it’s going to line up then, we may be able to partner together and if not, we can maybe give you some direction. So, we hope to talk to some of you soon. We had a really great time putting this mini cross together and we will be getting another one started for you in the next week or so and in the meantime, we still will be also holding our Friday q and A’s. So, do tune in for those Friday mornings 10:00 a.m. Pacific time. If you have a particular question, you would like us to address. Feel free to submit that in through the group or you can send it in through a private message as well, Thank you and Have a wonderful day! We look forward to speaking with some of you soon.

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