How Healthy Is Your Menstrual Cycle? Part 3 of 3

Welcome back, to our mini-series on how to know if your menstrual cycle is healthy. I’m twisting from Roar Fertility and this is video number three, where we will discuss how to know if it’s time to get help in regulating your Menstrual Cycle. So, interpreting and assessing your menstrual cycles will really help get to the bottom of some of your fertility struggles, but first you have to know if it’s time to get help with your menstrual cycle. So, how do you know? If your periods are irregular that will be a big sign that something is going wrong with the blood plug, with the hormone balance and makes it really hard to even time things like intercourse in order to get to the point of even getting pregnant. If your periods are heavy or too light too long or too short, this indicates problems with blood flow or problems with hormones and these are issues that need to be resolved in order to boost your fertility and make sure that your eggs are also getting all of the nutrients that, they need as a result of poor blood flow.

If your periods are painful, you have lots of PMS type symptoms, If you get clots. If you have the kind of period that flows for a few days and then it stops for a time and then starts up again, that actually is a big indicator of some hormone imbalances and blood circulation problems that need to be addressed. If the colouring of your blood is not a bright red, fresh red blood color then that indicates that there’s some problems with the quality of the blood and if you can’t identify when you ovulate, then that definitely needs to be assessed by somebody who can help you sort out, whether or not you are ovulating and how to notice those signs. Now, when you consult with a conventional practitioner, often if you come in with these symptoms, their first resort is going to be hormones or offer your hormone therapy or Joyce that will impact hormones through hormone receptors or different methods like that. These we consider band aid treatments and to really address and resolve the infertility problem.

We really encourage you to get to the underlying cause, to work with somebody who can assess the blood flow who can help you we identify hormone imbalances and canl ook at the entire ecosystem of your body and look head to toe through all of the systems to see which parts might be impacting your fertility. Things like, digestion, your detoxification system, your endocrine system of all of these different parts of the body actually, play a role in fertility and they’re all feeding the reproductive organs and making sure that those eggs are getting the nutrients that they need and not being exposed to toxins that may cause problems so, those who work closely with us. We work with things like herbs, nutrition we help them by the appropriate exercise routine and just other training techniques that help to get their entire body into balance and then brings their menstrual cycle into balance. A healthy period equals increased conception rates, healthier pregnancies and healthy babies.

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