How To Have A Baby Despite Of PCOS!

So today, I wanted to talk a little bit about blood circulation and it’s connection with PCOS. We’ve had a lot of people in the group, lately who are suffering with PCOS and have a lot of questions about around whether they can still get pregnant and what some of the right steps to take are for that. So, first I want to bring us back a little bit to blood circulation. Now, you’re probably starting to get familiar with the fact, that we talk about this a lot and the reason being is that blood is how everything is transmitted and carried and communicated throughout our entire body. It’s the communication pathways, it is the transport system for all of the nutrients that we need in order to nourish and feed the tissues of our entire body including developing follicles and the ovaries themselves, the uterine lining, the fallopian tubes even, so people who have trouble with the fallopian tubes. Sometimes these things can be resolved by first really focusing on improving the blood. So, when it comes to things like PCOS.

We’re looking at a few different levels for some people there’s going to be more nutritional components, for some people it’s going to be hormonal components, a lot of a lot of people have in common blood that just doesn’t circulate through the body as strongly and as as healthfully as it could and then on top of that, we start to see obstructions and if we think of blood as being something like water on the earth, where we have water starts from the mountains as snow and as the snow melts, it gets carried downward through rivers and streams and eventually, those streams connect up with bigger rivers and at some point that it eventually makes it out to the ocean. So, if we think of our blood system being actually somewhat similar to that, but as things are carried downward from the from the starting point to the end point. We want to make sure that you know as waters passing passing through all of these different ways, it’s gonna look for the path of least resistance and that’s where the majority of the water is going to flow through. So, if we put some kind of blockade up, the water is not going to be able to get through very readily.

If there’s another way around and that can happen with things like PCOS where we start to see blockages within the ovary itself. So what we want to do is a multi-pronged approach, where we are dealing with those blockages as the cysts start to develop and cause physical obstructions to the blood flow and getting into the ovary and being able to nourish those follicles and we also want to promote healthier blood flow, because the reason that some of those blockages started in the first place, is that the the blood flow wasn’t healthy enough to support all of the needs of those tissues. So where we generally want to start when we’re working with people with PCOS, is doing a really deep assessment on different aspects of how we can identify where there might be circulatory issues. So, if you are struggling with something like, PCOS or something else that you feel like it might be a circulatory problem, periods that are really cloudy that are really heavy all of these indicate that there’s something wrong with the circulation of the blood. That’s where we need to start first in order to begin to heal the PCOS.

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