How to Improve Your IVF Outcomes!

I’m through idea, but I only produce two eggs. I was told by my fertility doctor that I was a poor responder. What should I do now? Well, to properly address this question, we have to first reframe the goal, the bigger goal of trying to conceive. The overall goal is not to produce a large quantity of eggs. The goal is to have a healthy baby. When we have people who come in with the label car responder, we find this to be a result of too much focus on the quantity of eggs prioritizing quantity over quality. Our experience is that if, we shift the focus instead on to a quality and address things such as blood circulation and blood quality. Pregnancy rates actually improve despite the number of eggs. We find that the outcome for our patients does not seem to actually be related to the number of eggs or how well the body responds to fertility traffic drugs and we’re consulted by women who’ve been labeled as poor responders after going through our program, if they still need to do IVF. They may find that they still have a low quantity of eggs after using fertility drugs.

The difference is the quality of the eggs is far improved which ultimately means the pregnancy response rates are far improved. In fact, we find as much as 80 percent improvement over IVF that was done before our patients work with us. So, what we would encourage you to remember is always focus on quality quality quality over the quantity. Anything that you can do to improve the egg quality, improve the blood quality and improve your blood circulation, it’s going to improve your overall outcomes not by recruiting more eggs.

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