Is It Too Late To Have A Baby? Infertility In Your 40s

So, we also have women who are struggling with fertility, ask us if it’s possible to still have a baby after 40. Some of these women may have been trying to get pregnant just by themselves. Some of them may have been trying to get pregnant with natural methods and supplements and some of them may have tried multiple rounds of IVF or chemical cycles and it just hasn’t worked for them. So, they will end up in my office with a broken heart and very little hope which makes us very sad of course and our mission is to change that around. So, if I determine that they’re not menopausal yet, and they still have regular cycles. I will tell them that they still have a reasonable chance to get pregnant depending on their health stage and on honestly sometimes, it’s tricky to know, if you really meant puzzle or just have symptoms like menopause such as night sweats for instance. Some irregular cycles of due to things like PCOS or severe Anemia or a Hormonal Imbalances, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is in fact menopause. I have some 30 year olds coming into me, that have been told by their doctors that they’re actually menopausal and upon examination.

We determined that it’s not really menopause yet. So, technically if you’re not menopausal, yes! you can still get pregnant well into your early forties or mid 40s even for some women. It’s something that we assess on an individual basis. We have some 40 plus year olds coming in here and much much better for Tildy shape than some 30 year olds and with some restoration yes, it’s very possible stone. So generally, if we if age is a concern, I will tell you to be prepared for the road ahead and that’s possibly not going to be an easy road or rode the fat bumps, but still very reasonable. We have successfully done it over and over before so, we totally know that it still works. So, there may be a great difference between different women’s health states of course and the reason why our health declines as we get older is, because we haven’t learned more years of wear and tear and our blood flow of declines as we get older as well. It’s called being human. Some people age faster, some people age slow and so long. So here’s a chart that we often use in our clinic that I want to kind of represent to you guys. So, on the left side here you have blood flow and on the bottom you have time. I know that you guys can’t see all of the details but I think, if you guys have just seen a general trend that is sufficient. So, you can observe here, a general trend of blood flow over time, Right! So at birth, we have recirculation. Children generally, they don’t move very easily. They have very very good circulation, warm hands and warm teeth, Right!

So, by the time for two to five years old, we fall at least 2,000 times but without much bruising and why is that? That’s because we have strong circulation. Our blood vessels the walls of them. They are still very strong and we can regenerate them over and over again very very well. So, we have dips and valleys here. Our blood flow doesn’t go down in a straight line and those dips they can go down pretty pretty far, which means that we lose circulation temporarily for quite dramatically. So, they represent different injuries, it could be stress that leads for our sympathetic nervous systems to be activated, which means fight or flight for those that are not familiar with that term, yet I talked about fine flight all the time that can be caused by trauma whether it’s mental or the physical absolutely, their toll on our blood flow. Some of that we can be generated again, Right! At some point, we’re going to reach the 30% mark of flood flow that can be in one specific area of your body, that can be your record of reproductive organs, that can be your your low back leading to chronic low back that doesn’t want to heal very easily and that is all cost due to poor circulation, Right! So, my job is the restore blood flow I do this blood flow restoration by temporarily increasing, increasing blood supply to the fertility organs and what that’s going to do is it’s going to help us restore blood flow and our function and body.

So like, I said here to recap this blood flow decreases over time. So, it takes good blood flow to have strong body and by a strong body, I’m not talking about muscles, I’m I actually mean how strong your physical functions are, How well your organs are functioning and how well your cells are, that make up all of your organs and muscles and your reproductive organs. So, how well are they being regenerated because, if you can regenerate, you can stay relatively young for a long time. So listen, if you can bring circulation to any one area of the body including, for instance your facial skin, your neck or hand rejuvenation, Right! That’s going to really bring the generation to that area of bringing building blocks, to that area and oxygen to be build that tissue back up and that’s really what we do to treat infertility we increase temporary blood supply to the critical areas of that reproductive system. So, there are many reasons why blood flow can be sluggish besides time, Right! We may be determined that your blood flow is too thick. You can heat an inflammation and too much sugar in the blood and it’s just not flowing well or your body runs too cold because of adrenal exhaustion causing anemia in your body. Whatever the cost, we generally will spend some time normalizing blood flow and once we normalize your temperature as well, we normalize your menstrual cycles and regulate them and once that blood flow is normalized, we will increase your nutrient level to your reproductive organs, which can also flush out little cysts an excess of tissue that are not supposed to be there. So, an average our clinic about 76 percent of patients between the ages 40 to 43 will be able to have a baby without further support of IVF after finishing our full program.

So, the key to having a baby in your 40s or after your 40s is increasing blood flow supply to the reproductive organs. So, now the cells and tissues can deliver the nutrients necessary to regenerate. So, this is going to help you with many many different diagnosis including PCOS, Endometriosis, Hormone Imbalances, Recurrent Miscarriages, poor ovarian reserve or poor egg quality as well as unexplained infertility. They say that the body you have today literally, it’s not the same as you will have a year, in a year or a year go that’s because all cells fall off and new cells will replace it. But the quality of this new cells and tissues are determined by the amount of quality, by the amount and quality of the blood flow and quality of the building blocks that your blood flow brings to those tissues.

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