Katya’s Baby Success Story – Miscarriage & Unexplained Infertility Before Natural Conception

My husband and I were trying to have kids for about three years and it took longer than we had hoped and that’s when we found four. My name is Katia Mitonovych. I have two children. Luca is six and Cleo will be four. This September and I started the Roar program after a miscarriage. After eleven years of using birth control, I thought it would be real easy and got knocked up and miscarried and then nothing happened for two years and that’s when I was introduced to the Roar program and it was remarkable. I don’t know what kind of magic herbs they put in that tea, but I felt a real shift and within about six months. I was pregnant with my first and though there were a few bumps in the road with my first pregnancy. It came off without a hitch and since, then I’ve really counted on this. When I when I decided to have baby number two. I went back to the team and made sure that things were all the stars were all aligned and and it’s been beautiful.

After the miscarriage, when we were trying to conceive and things just weren’t working, things got dark quick. We every time my period arrived. I would cry and I remember one time throwing licorish at the wall. I was so mad that that it had not stuck again and I couldn’t understand why it was happening for other people. But, it wasn’t happening for me and it just stopped being fun. It was a dark place and it felt desperate. When I went to roar, it was maybe early spring and it started with lots of herbs and some nutritional coaching, some life coaching about how to spend my time and how to relax and and how to take my brain off of the sort of urgency that I felt and and by late summer, I was expecting and in fact, they knew before I did. I couldn’t be more grateful for this program having children is remarkable experience and I’m so glad I have the opportunity to do this and to meet my children and raise them and and make the world more beautiful or worked for me as a mindset and a sense of care and that I’m valuable. I would absolutely recommend Roar to other couples that are struggling who would like to get pregnant. This is a wonderful way of approaching this next chapter.