Lauren & Jeff’s Baby Success Story – Pregnancy Loss

I felt like, they sky has cleared and I could see my future and that light at the end of the tunnel. Hi, my name is Lauren and I’m a ROAR mom. My name is Jeff and I’m a ROAR dad. So I had Oliver and had a great pregnancy and then we wanted to have another baby and got pregnant and everything looked good in that pregnancy up until our 20 week ultrasound. We found out that our baby would not be compatible with life and that was of course a very emotional time for us. Obviously, we we ended up making a choice to the baby wouldn’t live and so we had to say goodbye to that baby and then the after month of that resulted in a surgery that ended in trauma and left my body in a really blocked and unhealthy place for a future pregnancy and so, you know I had gone to therapy and I had gone to doctors and things but there was something deeper that I needed to do within myself to get to a place where I could have another pregnancy.

That was the time that I went to ROAR fertility and I worked in a way in several ways to tap into my internal space and energies and all kinds of things that needed to be done physically for my body and also emotionally, mentally to be done for my body to have a healthy and smooth pregnancy and it took time but it was a commitment and a necessary one for me to achieve and it was a personal space and I think a healthy one. For now I have my second son who is a thriving little boy and as healthy and the pregnancy went well and smooth and and so, yeah so I’m really thankful that I was able to tap into that space and understand my energies and physical, mental, emotional and I had Jeff here as my sounding board and my support system.

It was really great to have him support me and this really you know lengthy endeavor but necessary one. My roar experience was supportive from the beginning. I came in I had a safe space to express what I was going through and the difficult time that we were in and it was really reminiscent of a counseling experience. Because, I I talked through what I had gone through an extensive detail with every appointment and in that you know, I went through a lot of emotions. I released a lot of I felt like block spaces within myself and then with the use of herbs and and counseling through appointments virtually and in the space.

I was able to really overcome that hard time and I stayed committed through especially with the herbs but they, but I felt like my mental space really supported me and every step of the way was supportive of another and at the end, we were able to have a baby and so it was a commitment and it was a good one that everything came together and really supported one another yeah going to the roar program. I think was really beneficial. I think in a lot of ways mainly because I don’t think I had the tools necessarily to help her through this process like she needed and and getting another perspective and and some other insights. I think and and kind of talking to somebody who is coming about it from a different vantage point.

You know, I wasn’t a part of all those conversations but there was definitely a difference when she was coming home with more information and more understanding of what was going on with her body with her mind and and all of that everything that came out of it I think was positive. The roar fertility program alongside the medication might OB prescribed made it possible for me to have my second son. I’m Lauren, I’m Jeff and we’re a ROAR family.