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Overcome your fertility challenges, make your baby dreams come true, live happily ever after. We are experts at helping couples conceive, have a fulfilling pregnancy, and have the baby of their dreams.

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We know it’s been a long and difficult road to get here, so if you are ready to:

• Reclaim ownership of your fertility, health and vitality

• Improve assisted reproductive technology (ART) outcomes, reduce miscarriage risk, and finally get pregnant

• Overcome nutrition information overload and learn how to eat to get results

• Double, triple, or even quadruple your pregnancy outcome

• Experience a healthier pregnancy, healthier baby, and healthier postpartum recovery

• Discover your most healthy vibrant self and unlock your full fertility potential

You have come to the right place to make your baby dreams come true!

The ROAR+fertility Promise

If you have failed IVF, suffered recurrent miscarriage, or have failed to conceive for over a year, your dreams of growing an ideal family are probably feeling out of reach. Each month of failed pregnancy, each miscarriage, or each round of failed IVF statistically reduces the chance of a positive pregnancy outcome. Getting pregnant without first improving your health results in a difficult pregnancy with uncertain outcomes. If you are here, you are probably facing this reality, but there is hope – ROAR+fertility may be your solution.

At ROAR+fertility, our primary goals are to help you reclaim your fertility, improve your pregnancy outcomes, and reduce potential complications of pregnancy and birth, while improving your health and vitality. Those who face the challenge of overcoming their infertility and are willing to prioritize their baby goal, find their opportunity for realizing their dream doubles, triples or even quadruples. In addition, by choosing a whole systems approach, you will enjoy a healthier pregnancy, are more likely to carry your baby to term, and are likely to experience the healthy birth, baby and postpartum recovery you desire.

After struggling with fertility for months or years, you deserve a pregnancy that brings happiness and fulfillment. You deserve to create wonderful memories of your pregnancy, rather than endless hospital visits to just get through a difficult pregnancy. Most importantly, you deserve a healthy baby, a healthy birth and a great start to the baby-mother bonding period. For those who are committed to these outcomes, the ROAR+fertility method was created for you.

It begins with mindset.

Each month of disappointment from negative pregnancy tests, another period starting, or the devastation of a failed IVF or miscarriage drives feelings of despair deeper and deeper potentially permeating all aspects of life: emotional health, social lifestyle, physical well-being, and more. Supporting a healthy mindset shift is one of the initial steps at ROAR+fertility as we have found that patients who develop a positive mental state have better outcomes and more resilience throughout the process.

Optimize nutrition.

Navigating the world of nutrition is complicated today as every piece of nutritional advice is opposed somewhere else. At ROAR+fertility, we eliminate the information overload and focus on results oriented nutrition. Our easy-to-follow nutrition plan teaches you how to make eating simple and intuitive so you can succeed at nourishing your fertility and make healthy choices for life.

Balance hormones with custom herbal medicine.

To truly optimize fertility at the level of egg quality, uterine lining, sperm quality, and to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, we custom make herbal formulas to address each patient’s unique fertility needs. Our success comes from focusing on the root cause of your infertility, therefore, ROAR+fertility custom formulas not only optimize fertility, but elevate health in all aspects of your life – more energy, improved sleep, balanced hormones, and more. After taking their formulas, our patients discover that they have more vitality than they have had in years.

Personalized medicine + community support.

Each fertility journey is uniquely challenging, and positive community support when facing challenges is priceless. We combine the best of both worlds by providing one-on-one virtual consultations and live weekly virtual group meetings. During your one-on-one visits, we complete an in-depth medical history and fertility evaluation to create your personalized fertility plan with you. We then follow-up at regular intervals to assess your progress and update your plan and herbal formula. Along the way, you are encouraged to participate in group calls and your group community forum for additional support.

Rounding it out with education.

Couples going through fertility struggles or procedures like IVF have lots of questions, general questions about understanding the physiology of reproduction, how much to exercise, when to seek further treatment such as IVF, as well as deeper questions of why they haven’t yet conceived, how could IVF have failed, will they be able to have children at all? With over a decade in practice supporting couples through fertility, we have extensive experience answering all these questions and more. We believe that couples who are educated in these areas are more equipped to take charge of their own fertility and more confident in making decisions about their healthcare. The patients who are inspired to take advantage of the education we provide discover the benefits of reclaiming better health to increase their confidence in their fertility and achieve superior results.