Referral Program

More and more fertility patients are investigating alternative approaches to support their fertility care and as a doctor, we know your concern is that your patients are using safe, effective methods and products that won’t interfere with their medications or medical procedures. The information, research and myths on nutrition, supplements and herbs for fertility grows daily, but we can help your patients find the approach that will support their unique needs, improve their overall health and support better fertility. In addition to being fertility coaches, we are licensed and nationally board certified by the NCCAOM and have over a decade of experience working locally with patients in our 5-star rated, Seattle area clinic.

As the demand from our clients to incorporate our approach with their conventional fertility treatments has increased, we have broadened our work to assist couples who are seeking care from fertility clinics all across the US and we strive to help their patients improve their fertility experience and outcomes.

If your clinic is interested in learning more about how we can offer customized, safe and effective support to help your patients prepare for IUI or IVF, and help them feel better throughout their medicated cycle and pregnancy, please contact us to schedule a free educational lunch for your care team.

If you have a patient you would like to refer, you may contact us or refer your patient to us directly for a free evaluation to see if they are a candidate for our program.