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I have recommended her to so many people in my life, for a multitude of issues. For one – she seems to be a miracle worker on the fertility front. She has helped not just me, but my sister and more friends than I can count on my fingers – all with health issues or histories of miscarriages or years of infertility – carry out healthy pregnancies and beautiful, healthy babies. is a healer through-and-through. I trust her with my all-around health, and credit her support to two healthy pregnancies.

– Anya M, Vermont

She is a healer through-and-through. I trust her with my all-around health, and credit her support to two healthy pregnancies. Some of the things that I particularly appreciate about her: She is curious and thoughtful even about the “smallest” ache and pain; she is super knowledgeable about the body, the needles, the herbs, the environment and the nutrition and how they all fit together; she wants to understand you and your story and find treatments that work for your temperament and lifestyle.

– Katya M, Washington

natural support for IVF Secondary infertility

She has helped me with a number of issues but most notably, a difficult fertility journey and then 2 healthy pregnancies – one set of twins and a singleton. Her breadth of knowledge is remarkable and rare. I’m grateful for her curious and thoughtful approach. She is a force of sanity and balance in a health system that for me, can be overwhelming and anxiety producing.

– Hilary H, Washington

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Her holistic style is not a joke and her focus is all on you. I have never seen a doctor or healthcare worker spend so much effort on their clients. She isn’t in it for the money, she truly wants you to be your healthiest self and it shows.- Nicholas V, Washington

I am old fashioned in the fact that you have to earn my respect. She has earned my utmost respect for the compassionate and caring provider she is. She has even taught me a new word. Vegetable.- Randy W, Washington

[She] is a caring medical professional. She has helped me to come off of blood pressure medicine, lose weight, and manage pain of endometriosis and ovarian cysts.- Christina H, Washington

All my “other” doctors just tried to cover my symptoms with a band-aide instead of finding the underlining issue and helping me cure it. I will be forever grateful for your continued support and healing!- Anna M, Washington

She has been helping me with a variety of women’s and overall health issues, including PCOS and Eosinophilic esophagitis. She is thorough, attentive, and has helped me stay off steroid medications.- Jen, Washington

I am only in week 2 of my treatments and the results are beyond anything I ever could have imagined!!! On a side note, she is a genuine person and really cares about finding the source of the problem and treating with results. That is something I have never seen anywhere I have been.- Jessie, Washington

I couldn’t recommend ROAR enough. My first ever experience with [my coach], she put me at ease immediately. We spent the first portion of the visit talking so she could get to know me in a holistic way. I walked away from my visits feeling calm and empowered. It is truly a gift.- Karen, California