What To Do During YOUR 2 Week Wait

So, Is there anything that I could eat or do during the two-week wait to encourage implantation? I’ve gotten pregnant the last three months which ended in chemicals and a miscarriage. So, I’m just hoping to get sticky bean this time. I kept dairy and drinking ice water two weeks ago and I’m currently ovulating. I just want nothing more than to have my baby stick and carry full-term. So when we see multiple miscarriages or multiple chemical pregnancies, we see this as a sign of a greater systemic problem, not just a fertility problem and it requires something beyond simply eliminating dairy and ice water for two weeks. Well, the two-week wait is an important time in a pregnancy, it’s not as important as the full 24 weeks leading up to the to that pregnancy. That’s the time to focus on caring for the whole body, caring for the emotional state, improving blood quality and blood circulation and focusing on really improving a quality uterine lining and hormone balance.

These actions when multiplied over time at least 24 weeks this is what will promote truly healthy embryo and pregnancy that can carry all the way to full term. If you’re currently in the two-week wait, then doing things like eliminating dairy and ice water are absolutely the right steps to be taking. But, if you have time and are motivated to actually restore your fertility and improve your pregnancy outcome. You have to be willing to take a step back and consider your overall health for the long term. This is really the best way to make real progress towards fulfilling your baby dreams.

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